About Us

HOCA Capital NV is a private equity company based in Belgium, right at the heart of Europe. We have the right global and local footprint and the funds to identify and execute on high-potential projects, with the dedication and experience to match.We pride ourselves on our investor care and utmost confidentiality. Creating and nurturing long-term relationships where all parties in the equity deal prosper is our number one goal.

We have an extensive global network and make connections between people, businesses and governments that help projects go full throttle. HOCA Capital brings out the full potential of joining assets and equity all over the world, with a particular focus on China and Europe.

With a team of experienced international industry experts, we invest in high-potential assets and increase their performance. Part of our portfolio is open to investors that look for strategic partnerships.

Hoca Capital
Ever since its establishment, healthcare has been one of HOCA Capital’s key industries. We have been investing in and contributing to further (international) growth of medical companies. Our well-established network in China brings together an important mix of investors, suppliers and leading healthcare experts.

Due to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic outbreak, there is an acute shortage of infection control products as mouth masks, goggles, gloves and other protective gear. Manufacturers are flooded with requests from companies and governments seeking medical consumables for their (frontline) staff.  European governments and private companies are struggling to find reliable suppliers who can offer quality products at market price and arrange transport.

In view of this situation, we opt to utilize our decade long experience and built up network in China to work with various suppliers in China to guarantee effective delivery at a competitive price.

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Investment Focus

Commercial and hospitality real estate

With both the NATO and the European Union HQs located in Belgium, demand for commercial real estate close to these nerve centers remains high.
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Many important corporate players, lobby groups and official delegations have set up shop in Belgium, and new office spaces are created continually. Second, this also brings opportunities for hospitality real estate to invest in. With a near-guaranteed stream of visitors to Belgium year-round, this is a solid investment opportunity, too.

Green and clean technology

Belgium is a world leader in green and sustainable technology and is the world’s top country for recycling. Chargers for electric cars are booming
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across the country and many cities have long-term plans to improve air quality by creating low emission zones or car-free city centers. Additional strides have been made in technology that combats water and soil pollution, including smart self-repairing road technology that allows water to percolate naturally, as well as progress in water refining tech.


High-tech innovation is at the heart of Belgium’s economic and scientific DNA, especially in the following key areas: IT: Belgium is a frontrunner in
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  • IT: Belgium is a frontrunner in nanotechnology, digital banking, telecom and software
  • Chemistry: the port of Antwerp offers Europe’s largest chemical industry and the world’s second largest
  • Automotive: as a natural gateway to Europe’s hinterland, Belgium annually manufactures or transports over 3 million cars, including brands such as Audi, Volvo and Toyota

Medical and healthcare technology

Ranging from pharmaceutical giants to medical imaging and biotech firms, Belgium is one of the world’s most important players in this sector.
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And that means opportunities to invest in spearheading new medical breakthroughs in smart patient care, mobile diagnostics, advanced imaging and laboratory improvements. Life science firms are often connected to universities, and attract some of the country’s most brilliant minds.

Our strategy and values

We are driven by the following values:

we want to get the best out of the ongoing globalization

we want to join capital and assets at a global level

we want to create more valuable capital appreciation through active development and management and exposure to new markets

Investment Proposals

Requests for investments will be followed up via email. Please send comprehensive investment pitches to: info@hocacapital.com. Pitch decks should contain info about the team, the business idea, financials and cap trading, product roadmap and USPs.
We usually take one week to review the material and then we schedule a meeting to continue our discussion and research about the investment project.