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What drives us

Realizing the unlimited potential of bringing global assets and equity together in this new era of globalisation.

Investment opportunities

Portfolio of high quality EU investment projects


Our Services

HOCA Capital invests in enterprises and assets by setting up high potential joint ventures globally and increases the performance of the assets. Our team of industry experts takes an active part in the management and strives to optimize the performance and the efficiency of the assets by opening up new markets. In the years since its inception, HOCA Capital has acquired assets in various industries.
In addition, we have further developed our specialist expertise in these sectors and our team can:

investment strategies

Design and implement investment strategies at individual asset and portfolio level, through in-depth market and service industry knowledge.


investment strategies
Create capital appreciation opportunities through repositioning, restructuring, developing and intensive management.

The HOCA team assists its investors with the following services:

investment strategies
Project visit and due diligence: HOCA owns a portfolio of investment projects. Potential investors are invited to contact our sales team/our partners in order to set up projects visits. During the negotiation phase investors will get insight in all key information of the project.


investment strategies
Relocation: Some investors choose to take an active role in the management of their investment project. For these investors, HOCA Capital provides its relocation services.


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