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Hotel Acquisitions

Belgium is strategically located in the center of Europe and is the business and political center of Europe. The country attracts huge numbers of visitors driven by business and government purposes.
Tourists from all over the world are attracted to Belgium and its cosmopolitan capital, Brussels. Belgium is a gastronomic and cultural center in Europe and it is no surprise that Belgium has a thriving hospitality industry accommodating the needs of the tourists from all over the world. Tourist flow from China has risen remarkably over the past years and is expected to keep on going up.


Office Buildings

The presence of the EU and NATO is a powerful general stimulus to the economy. Demand for commercial real estate remains strong, not only from the institutions but also from delegations and associations, international lawyers, consultants, lobby groups, etc. The corporate sector is also of major importance with a large range of Belgian, European and other multinational companies present.
In line with office demand, development of new office space is strong in most Belgian cities. While Brussels is predominately renovating its existing office stock, other cities such as Antwerp, Ghent, Leuven and Liège are in full expansion to attract new corporates.


Industrial M&A

Belgium offers a unique environment for the development of innovative products and technologies:
– Clean Tech & Sustainability: Belgium boasts innovative clean tech initiatives with a focus on knowledge acquisition and sharing.
– Life Science: Belgium is home to numerous international pharmaceutical, medical imaging and biotech firms, as well as device producers and support manufacturers.
– ICT: Belgium is a frontrunner in the field of nanotechnology, banking solutions, telecoms and network equipment and software products.
– Chemicals: Antwerp is the largest chemical cluster in Europe and the second worldwide.
– Automotive: Belgium is the gateway to Europe for automotive companies with more than 3 million cars handled annually and there is an abundance of knowhow and expertise. Audi, Volvo and Toyota, among others, are present.


Strategic Infrastructure

Linking up seamlessly with France, Germany and the Netherlands, the Belgian road network with its seven international motorways (with a combined length of 1,763 km) is one of the best in Europe. Regional roads (12,585 km) and provincial roads (1,349 km) provide potential sites for various business sectors throughout Belgium.
Belgium has one of the densest rail networks in the world, and the airports boast flights to a wide range of destinations in Europe and the world with flight time of under two hours to most other major European cities.