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Realizing the unlimited potential of bringing global assets and equity together in this new era of globalisation.

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Investing with HOCA

HOCA Capital is a Belgian company with its headquarters in Brussels, the capital of Belgium. HOCA Capital is driven by a multilingual team of industry experts with over 30 years of experience in the investment industry. HOCA has self-owned portfolio of assets and is now offering these high performing assets to global investors.
HOCA is driven by a team of Belgian experts who explore the market for excellent investment opportunities. They will select and purchase projects on the following basis:
• Proven success: HOCA searches for businesses, which have been in operation for a long time and have a proven business model
• Improvement opportunities: HOCA looks for businesses, which can considerably improve their bottom line.

HOCA Capital has two channels:
– B2C: the sales of shares to individual customers
– B2B: the sales of shares to Chinese companies
Customers will invest in the asset holding company (land, buildings, etc.) of our project. In order to guarantee the success of the investment, HOCA Capital’s management company will manage the enterprises.

Our Team

A team of professionals drives HOCA Capital. Our founding partners and consultants are multicultural and multilingual industry experts. They have vast experience investing in real estate assets worldwide and managing and optimizing businesses.
At HOCA Capital, we realize the unlimited potential of bringing global assets and equity together in this new era of globalization. We invest in high potential assets and through our vast network and expertise increase the assets’ performance. Partnerships alongside our clients ensure that our incentives are aligned.

About us